To the Constable’s House for Dinner

The constable vehicle in the background with large speakers and a microphone set up in front

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, one of my favorite moments from last year was dinner at the constable’s home.  Constable Arturo Garcia once again invited us into his home for an authentic Mexican home-cooked meal as a thank you for all of UIndy and Baylor’s hard work.  It is such an honor for him to invite all of us (30+ people) into his home and go out of his way to make so much amazing food! We became part of the family for an evening and enjoyed sitting together and having a group dinner with Arturo’s friends and family.  This year we were very happy to be able to talk with Arturo’s wife.  Last summer she was at the cemetery tending to a grave and was bit by a brown recluse spider and had to spend the evening with her foot propped up.  We are so appreciative that they would have us over and make us part of the family.

We arrived at the constable’s home to see several tables and chairs placed around the yard along with a PA system that he used to play music all evening. This quickly led to some dancing and karaoke later…

Arturos Dinner on a white styrofoam plate with different sections, rice, sausage, bread, and more meat

We were very excited for a home-cooked meal and we were definitely looking forward to some more cowboy bread this season.  This year the Garcias prepared for us some amazing brisket, beans, rice, sausage, and cowboy bread (our favorite!).

After dinner Arturo started playing music and opened up the dance floor.  Arturo and his wife shared a dance. This was soon followed by Dr. Lori Baker with Ryan, Jim “Sarge” Huggins with Jessica, and Dr. Krista Latham with Arturo, two-stepping to George Strait.

Pairs of people dancing in front of the big speakers

As I mentioned, the PA system quickly became a karaoke system.  Arturo was singing some and then the Baylor students hooked up an iPhone to the system and started giving some awesome performances.  Xavier, a Baylor University student, started us off with an acappella version of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.  Then Helen, another Baylor University student, joined Arturo in singing texano music.

Arturo with a big smile and the microphone with Helen

Arturo and Helen, Baylor University
Xavier dancing in front of the speakers

Xavier, Baylor University

The constable and his family are always so inviting and kind to us.  We were so happy to be able to spend time with them again this field season and are very thankful for his hospitality and a night of relaxing fun.