Group selfie of five people in a car.

Day 9: Trench Warfare

Today the 5 of us moved approximately 21,000 pounds of dirt (or about 4200 pounds of dirt per person).  Let that sink in for a moment…. TODAY each of us moved about 4200 pounds of dirt! We calculated that from the measurements of the trenches we dug today. That doesn’t even include the fact that we had to move some of the dirt to a pile and then move it back to the trenches (making it closer to 6,000 pounds of dirt for each of us).  It got hot in the afternoon, so we had to enforce a dig for 5 minutes and rest for 5 minutes rule. Not only was this necessary for safety but it also kept the momentum going late into the afternoon.

UIndy team member digging a trench.
Leann digging test trenches
Team members digging trenches
Erica, Jessica and I digging test trenches
Team member using a t-probe.
Justin probing the test trenches
Sister Pam shoveling into a dirt pile.
Sister Pam helping to move the dirt pile

Tomorrow is our last day working at Sacred Heart for this field season.  We still have about 30% of the area that needs explored. Every excavation season we seem to be down to the wire and fighting time to finish. So this year will be no different.