Day 6

Beyond Borders team group photo with 6 fingers held up for day 6
Day 6

Today we took the day off to refresh and prepare for for our upcoming week in the lab at Texas State University.  We spent the morning catching up on emails and blogging.  Justin made breakfast tacos for all of us and then we decided to explore San Marcos.  We started at the San Marcos River.  The water was so cold but so clear and blue.  After that we went to the town square to get Manske Rolls, which are delicious, buttery cinnamon rolls.  While we were in the restaurant a huge storm rolled into town. It rained so hard we were stuck waiting it out.  Once the storms ended, we spent more time exploring San Marcos. For dinner we went to get some good southern food:  Chicken fried steak, chicken fried chicken and fried catfish.  After that we went to bed happy, refreshed and with full bellies.

3 Beyond Borders team members siting on a dock, sitting their feet in the San Marcos River
Dipping our feet in the San Marcos River

Two Beyond Borders team members giving smiles to the camera as they dip their feet in the San Marcos River on a stair platform leading from the sidewalk into the river

Ryan walking back from the San Marcos River barefoot with boots in hand

Beyond Borders team members enjoying Manske Rolls, giving smiles to the camera
Manske Rolls