Updates: The Humanitarian Respite Center at Sacred Heart Church

Toiletry donations for the Humanitarian Respite Center in a box
Donations for the Humanitarian Respite Center

We spent just a few hours at the Humanitarian Respite Center at Sacred Heart Church in McAllen, TX back in June. Yet, we will never forgot our time there.  Hundreds of tired, hungry and broken migrant refugees come through their doors weekly and the volunteers never skipped a beat.  Through the sadness they witness daily they keep smile and hope on their faces. What started as a temporary response to the influx of migrant refugees across the border has been going for over a year.  Sister Norma Pimentel and her volunteers provide assistance and a place to rest for men, women and children along their journey.  Their ability to provide food, clean clothing, baby supplies, toiletries and humanitarian aid is based solely on donations and volunteers.  We view their donation request list frequently to see what supplies are needed. This month we noticed a need for toiletries and began collecting items.  Many people do not donate to various causes because they think their contributions are too small. We have learned over our course of working with the humanitarian crisis on the border, that many small contributions can make a huge difference. So please consider a donation of new or gently used items or a monetary contribution.

A request on Facebook for the Humanitarian Respite Center for volunteers stating upwards of 60 migrants would be arriving at the center
Daily requests for the Humanitarian Respite Center for volunteers

If you live near McAllen, TX or can travel there for a few days please consider volunteering.  You can keep up with their needs on their Facebook Page where they post daily how many refugees are arriving.  Sister Norma and the Humanitarian Respite Center were recently acknowledged by Pope Francis for their selfless acts of courage and aid in the face of this crisis. Please click on the red shaded words in this passage for links to more information.

A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its most vulnerable members