Why You Should Care

Team photo in front of anatomical skulls.
Jessica, Haley, Erica & Leann

The graduate students (Jessica, Haley, Erica & Leann) that will be embarking our next Humanitarian Mission (beginning next week) worked with UIndy team alum Justin to create a 5 minute video  reflecting on why you should care about the crisis at our southern border.  They highlight issues of human rights, respect for others, treating others the way you would want yourself and your family members treated and misconceptions about the migrant population seeking asylum in this country. Please take the time to watch the video by clicking HERE.

We also invite you to begin checking the blog daily for highlights as begin our journey to Texas. There we will meet our colleagues from Texas State University to work towards migrant identifications in the lab, as well as in the field. Stay tuned for more details. We appreciate your support!