A Rookie’s Excitement and Anticipation

no one leaves home unless

home is the mouth of a shark.

(“Home” – Warsan Shire)

I am someone who strives to be informed, especially regarding issues with a human rights component. However, I still have many questions about what to expect as our team prepares to travel down to Texas.

I have tried to prepare the best I can for this trip by reading local news reports and blog posts by beyond borders alumni. Yet, these are all second hand accounts that only provide a snapshot of what those in Brooks County experience everyday. For this reason, I am excited to have the opportunity to take in the environment for myself and learn all I can from those directly impacted by migration, border security, current politics, etc.

This year the UIndy team will be conducting search and recovery operations and refilling water stations along frequented migrant corridors. Thus in order to fulfill this mission, we will be literally walking the path of migrants.

With only a week to go until we depart (as I write this) I am busy gathering last pieces of equipment. After checking the weather in Texas, one thing I made sure to acquire was a 64oz water bottle. Just thinking about how harsh the Texas brushland can be has made me feel for those without the proper resources to withstand the Texas heat. Therefore, I am eager to begin assisting the South Texas Human Rights Center with refilling their water stations so those enduring an already difficult journey do not also have to suffer from crippling dehydration.

All in all, I am looking forward to building both skills and memories as I learn from the more experienced members of our team and engage in a new community.