Travel Day

Waking up before the sun is definitely a sign of adventure.

3:00 am Tuesday morning, I go through my check list for the 1000000th time and, yet, still have the feeling that I’m forgetting something (spoiler: this feeling still hasn’t gone away as I write this in our hotel room in Falfurrias). My dog catches on to my anxieties as I pace the living room racking my brain for anything that I could possibly need for this trip. While she sits on the couch following me with her gaze, I recount the most important things that I need for this trip: identification, field gear, medication. Anything else — whether I forget it or not — can be replaced.

Fast forward a couple of hours, after we all met at the airport, were able to check out bags with much ease, and ate a much too early breakfast, the real waiting game begins. One hour until we board our first flight and around 7 hours until we reach our final destination.

Beyond Borders Team at the airport

I wish there was more for me to say about the flights, but I took the time to catch up on some z’s.

Goodbye airplanes, hello rental van and welcome (briefly) to San Antonio! The change in temperature and humidity is immediately apparent, but my anxieties have now transformed into excitement and Torchy’s Tacos has much to do with that. Torchy’s did not disappoint.

Tacos from Torchy's

With full and happy stomachs, we begin the drive to Best Western in Falfurrias. Again, I wish I could say much more about the drive, but the sandman had other plans for me. And before I knew it, we were here. We’re definitely not in Indianapolis anymore.

With our rooms settled and our suitcases in them, we make another trip out to the the H.E.B. and oh what a place. We got the essentials — and some non-essentials — that we will anticipate needing for the next few days including: sandwich fixins, water, gatorade, etc. And back to Best Western we go.

A quick grocery drop off at the hotel and once again, for the last time today, we are off to dinner (time really does fly). Another first food experience at Whataburger and another positive one at that. While there isn’t a lot in Falfurrias, I already know that good food is in abundance. This dinner experience came with an update for tomorrow’s plan: filling and repairing water stations with the South Texas Human Rights Center.

It will be tough, especially since there is no time to adjust to the environment and most of us are first timers, but I know that we are all ready and determined to do our best. Tomorrow is definitely a new day.