Pre-trip Post

The holidays always seem to go by quickly, and with the trip coming up in a matter of a week, time is speeding by. There are many things on my mind before we leave but most feel very superficial at this point. I am just coming back from visiting my family for the holidays, so my mind is in 100 different places. Right now, my priority is actually getting the things I need for the trip, such as the proper work clothes and other materials. I want to take extreme care in choosing what I bring. I want everything to be the best possible tool for the intended job. That is where my worries are lying at the moment, making sure I have everything I will need. I am also an extreme over-packer, so I am trying to be efficient at the same time.

It is very apparent that this trip will take a significant amount of work and not only physical but mental energy. The mental toll this trip can take will be hard work to process, so before we go and our posts hit a bit deeper, I want to share the lighter things I am looking forward to. I am ready to meet the people who have been doing this remarkable work and whom I have learned so much about already. I am excited to build a strong bond and even stronger friendship with my team. Less relevant but still very important, I have heard many, many stories about how amazing the food is in Falfurrias, and I think we may stop at Whataburger.