Through different eyes

This has been the third day of 5:45 wake ups and each day I am slowly getting to breakfast later and later.   Every day I have gotten in the pool but mainly for a type of medication. I never realized how much better mosquito bites feel in chlorine or maybe it’s just the water. I do not know but it’s about the only time in the day I am not scratching bites.  Since I did not post yesterday I have two birds of the day but I am not going to give a list of the birds I saw since they are mostly duplicates.  But yesterday’s bird of the day was the golden-fronted woodpecker and today’s bird of the day would have to be the summer tanager because I saw the male and female together almost the entire time.

UIndy team members working in a tight area of a burial from the ground levelToday was a big day on site and the team took a big step.  For me this was a huge first of something I would not mind doing the rest of my life.  Today I think everything really set in.  I wrote earlier about the fact that these individuals were unknown.  After accomplishing today’s task I really reevaluated life.  There are so many things that come so easily and unexciting to many of us that we unconsciously take them for granted.  I can’t sit here and say that I will never take anything for granted ever again.  However I can say that each day is a gift and I am grateful.  After the events today and after reading “Showdown in the Sonoran Desert” by Ananda Rose I was torn:  I have read about the reasons why people leave in search for better lives but there is no way I can actually fathom it.  Leaving family trying to make a better life for them is a sacrifice. Not knowing if what they seek to accomplish will be a success is also a sacrifice.  These people are doing what they think is best and today I embraced that they are making the ultimate sacrifice.  I am grateful to be a part of this group and to feel as though we are making some difference.  I appreciate the welcome that we have received here in Falfurrias and hopefully we can continue to help this crisis and help people realize every little bit does help.

The cover of Ananda Rose's book reading Showdown In The Sonoran Desert Religion, Law, and Immigration Controversy - Ananda Rose with an image of 3 people assisting each other in climbing a fence
By Ananda Rose