Final Days

We have one day left and we are so close to finishing our goal. There have been great relationships formed and lasting friendships. The reality of the situation has hopefully opened the eyes of every individual that has been here. A lot has taken place since my last post. We have been moving a lot of dirt and doing everything we can to get through this area thoroughly. I have been promoted from Rookie to Expert Time Keeper. For those of you who do not understand the weight of this title, I am responsible for the switch between the members working in the hole and those taking a break. The official time rules are: 1. If you are shoveling you get 4:00 minutes. 2. If you are troweling you get 8:00 minutes. 3. Test pits are one per person. Those are the official rules then there are laws. The first law of “DIGANOMICS” is if you are tired regardless of the time you stop digging. The second law is if you trowel and dig within the same 4:00 minute span you can stay for an additional 4:00 minutes unless it interferes with the first law. The team has accepted my role as Expert Time Keeper and sometimes they think I may not be watching but I always am.

Dr. Latham and Ryan digging with shovels
Ryan with the little shovel

Last time I posted I explained the issue with the little shovel and let me start by saying I am slowly persuading the team to accept the little shovel. However this is the not being done without ridicule. Any given moment I have to defend the little shovel from short and small jokes but LITTLE do they know the little shovel is reigns supreme. Each member but one has requested the little shovel at one point in time, and each time I hand then the shovel there is a wonderfully pleasant smile on my face. Justin, Erica, Dr. Latham, Ryan, and myself have all realized the usefulness of the little shovel. BUT Jessica is resisting coming to the bright side, I have not given up hope there is always tomorrow.

Erica digging in a burial with a shovel
Erica with the little shovel

I also went to another ranch. Lately I have been taking a short lunch so not very much bird watching. However I made it up when we went to the ranch. I have 5 birds of the day. 1 being the best bird of that day, starting at 5) wild turkey, 4) Tree duck 3) Swainson’s Hawk 2) Peacock 1) Green Jay. It was a much needed day of relaxation and bird watching and I cannot thank Bill and Peggie Clark enough for allowing us that moment of serenity.