I’d like to start off by thanking all of you that have been keeping up with our blog on a daily basis. Than I’d like to apologize that the posts have been sparse the past few days. The heat is really getting to my team (and Baylor) and I made the decision to allow them extra time to rest rather than be beholden to the blog posts. There will be more soon when everyone is feeling better.

Last night I took several people to the ER who were feeling sick (and Erica was kind enough to go with me so I would have company). We arrived at 7pm. By 11pm it was becoming apparent that we would not be leaving anytime soon. Patients were throwing up on the floor and coughing so loud that I know I will soon have what was ailing them. Erica and I went to the van and curled up on the seats to try to get some rest. It was hot and uncomfortable but we were able to doze in and out until everyone was ready to go. I arrived in my room at the hotel at 3:18am, laid down in my bed, and my alarm went off at 4am. I am about to enter our last day with literally no sleep.


So I will leave you with a sneak peek of the amazing photos by Guy Housewright, so you have something to view for the day. All are University of Indianapolis photos taken by Guy Housewright:Dr. Latham and Ryan working in a burial with other team members standing above them

Jessica holding a shovel in a burial as Ryan lay deeper in the burial removing dirtTeam members working in a burial under a shade tentTeam members working within a burial and from the ground surfaceTeam members surveying and taking notes from the ground surface, standingTeam members working within a burial under a shade tent while others sit aboveA team member dumping a bucket of dirt with an unknown remains burial marker closer to the camera