Beyond Borders Team members working in a burial from the ground surface with trowels with string outlining the boundariesAs I reflect on my experience and my journey I am in awe of the path I have taken.  I watched the first of many presentations on Brooks County my fall semester of 2013 and I was amazed at the work that was being done there.  Knowing that it was a field I would want to pursue I was captured by every word Dr. Latham said.  After receiving the invitation to become a part of the team, it did not take me long to respond “of course”.   I was no longer a spectator.  I became a member of the team and I listened to stories and more presentations, each one capturing me like the last.  Then the day grew nearer, then I was in Falfurrias.  Participating and helping the team accomplish another feat as they looked at me as one of their own.  Throughout the whole trip I thought once I learned something that was it, however I was mistaken.  I learned something every day I was in Falfurrias and I will never forget any of those things.  I was able to spend two weeks with amazing people and would not trade that for anything.  I cannot thank Dr. Latham enough for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this miraculous group.  My eyes have been opened to the situations that people are being faced with every day from the ranchers, to city officials, to the migrants and the community, to all the volunteers assisting.  Everyone has a role to play and I am thankful that I was able to do my part.